Just got my kicker and swift

Having trouble snycing zwift to my wahoo. Its registered. Ive down loaded wahoo utilities and fitness. I do have bluetooth on. Im using my galaxy 9 phone. I can watch a zwift race but cant participate until ive connected by bike to zwift, but it will not sync. Help!

Make sure that you close and force stop the wahoo fitness and utilities apps. Also force stop any other app that might pair too the kickr, like rouvy or bkool or trainer road, before trying to pair to Zwift. Bluetooth is a finicky thing. If the kickr is paired to anything else, Zwift won’t see it.

Yes. I did that. Still not working, however my account works well on my husbands iphone.

There isn’t a chance that the kickr was paired to your husband’s iphone when you were trying to use it with zwift on your phone is there?