Cannot Sync my Wahoo Kickr through Bluetooth

I’m looking for some help please. I cannot get my Wahoo Kickr to connect to Zwift through my Samsung tablet at all.
I have tried the following

  • unpaired from Wahoo fitness
  • switched off all Bluetooth devices in the house
  • unplugged the machine, started a search and then plugged back in
  • tried “waking up!???” the machine
  • switched everything off and back on again

I wasted 30 mins this evening trying to get it to pair.

Hi Suzanne,
Welcome to the Forums, sorry for troubles, and thanks for feedback.
Can you please open a ticket with
Details to include would be Tablet model #, OS version, Zwift version, Wahoo KickR firmware version, and when it stopped working (ie did it work with a prior version?).
Support will likely request Log file as well.

One quick thing to verify is to make sure Bluetooth is turned on, on your tablet. Our indicator is very small, and this simple oversight has bitten others before, including me.
Thanks for your patience as we sort out this issue.