Running cadence lower limit impinging run workouts

(Sue Mac Millan Ro4 H) #1

During a Zwift run, there is a requirement for your cadence to be 160 or over. Otherwise the reported cadence is cut in half (say 158 drops to 79), thereby affecting your speed, which plummets to zero, then starts up again and stops and so on. I had discussions with the Zwift Support Team via email who have sent my feedback up the chain to the development team. They also suggested that I post to this forum.
If I run slower than 160 spm, which is the case when I do workouts that include slower intervals between the higher speed intervals, the cadence drops to about 80. This causes my speed to plummet and drop to zero. I increase the cadence and speed to get it going again, but then I’m running much too fast for the workout requirements.
I realize I can play with the workout bias, increasing the required speed during the slower intervals, but that causes me to not get the rest I’m supposed to get for the next higher speed interval, which defeats the purpose of following a workplan. I would love for the cadence lower limit to be removed or at least lowered. There is already the 6.8 km/h speed requirement for your avatar to run.
I realize I’m a beginner and that I run slowly, and this wouldn’t affect the stronger runners. But there are many people who are new to running, and would be affected by this lower limit. Many people are not yet ready for the D category. They tried recently to separate the D category into sub-categories to try to welcome people who are new to running. Lowering this lower limit would also help in that effort. Thanks for Considering this request.