Runner keeps stopping

Is anyone had trouble today with the runner keeps stopping even though I haven’t. I haven’t changed my set up. Everything was paired fine. Runner kept freezing and stopping. Highly annoying. Anybody got any suggestions. My internet was running at over 200mb so cant have been that.

Setup:- Apple Mac, Runn sensor, treadmill.

@Andrew_Bell_Heaton_H have you tried grabbing your log file from a recent run where your avatar stopped moving and run it through ? Might be sensor drop outs and running the log file will tell you how many drop outs you had and when they occurred.

I used to face this issue until I relocated my sensor.
“Try moving your Runn at least 4” to 6" from the end of your treadmill to see if the spiking goes down. "

Did you manage to resolve this? I’ve started getting the same issue now, to the point the sensor is pretty useless to me as I’ve just quit Zwift on my last few runs because it got so annoying.

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Try moving the Runn up or down in the cradle, this is the most common cause of random stopping.

So when I was using stickers, and before they fell off, it worked well with the sensor at about the prescribed pencil-width height from the belt.

When I gave up on the stickers and used white-out pen the sensor wasn’t detecting the marks so I moved it lower/nearer to the belt. Now a pencil won’t fit underneath but it detects the marks and works fine, at least until I start getting the random drop outs some time into the run (as per the other thread).