NPE RUNN support help

New to Zwift, bought a Runn sensor a few months ago. First problem I encountered was the stickers you get with it kept falling off my treadmill belt. So I emailed support asking what was wrong with them.

“They are probably faulty stickers” they said

“Ermm… ok… offer to send me some new ones then perhaps?”

“No can do James. We sold you the kit but we didn’t make it, pop yourself along to the manufacturer’s website and buy some more”


And now I have a new problem with the sensor and emailed the mailbox only to get an auto-reply from telling me:

*Hi James , *
Thanks for contacting us!
Replies sent to this inbox will no longer directly reach our team, so if you want to contact us, don’t reply to this email - we won’t get your response.

So when they say this mailbox do they mean the noreply mailbox or the mailbox I originally contacted.

So that’s 2 queries and both poor responses, 100% strike rate of dissatisfied customer.

Intentionally poor?

If you want support for the NPE Runn you should use this link:

As far as the stickers go, don’t use them. What I do and many others is to use whiteout instead.

Thanks Paul. Yes I did use whiteout pen instead and that worked - although I had to make the sensor lower to the belt to detect them.

And it worked great, until this new problem developed, I’ll check the support link out.


I think they have A LOT of user experience design challenges.

Buying hardware from a software company: the best way not to get support.

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The issue with getting the stickers to stay is that treadmill belts are not smooth so the surface area is reduced.
Next up is the fact you are placing stickers on a belt that is highly contaminated in sweat, sports drinks etc…
It’s no wonder they don’t stick. I resorted to using superglue. Never moved since.

If you post details of the issue you have with your Runn I will try and help as much as possible.
You will also find the guys at NPE very helpful.

How dare you insinuate my running machine belt is saturated in sweat & sports drinks and whatever else. (It’s like you’ve seen it :laughing:)

Thanks for the tip, don’t think my fingers are nimble enough for super glue, I’d end up sticking myself to the treadmill.

I’ve had a reply from NPE and they’ve asked for a couple of pics of the setup so I’ll do that later and post those here too, thanks for the reply and offer of help!

Hi - update for all is that it’s working ok at the moment, last 3 runs and no stops. This is after I repositioned the sensor to be further forward in the cradle. It’s at the lowest possible position which it was before.

I find this a bit odd as it was working before and would then starting dropping out after 3km or so. So it was clearly positioned correctly to see the white-out lines I’d painted or it wouldn’t have worked at all surely?

Anyway, it’s working for now, thanks for the offer of help.