Runn sensor no longer work on Update 1.16.0 (78621)

After updating Zwift on Apple TV to 1.16.0 (78621), my Runn sensor now only shows up on Bike, but not on Run. This is a regression, please fix it so people can use Zwift on their treadmills again!

It seems this is under “Known Issues”:
Treadmill not recognized [August 2021] [1.16.0]

Thanks David! It’s very frustrating that the update broke such an important use case for the product. Zwift definitely needs better QA and integration testing.

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I was using RUNN on Zwift, connecting to Apple TV 4K. Since the update, I can’t connect via Bluetooth either. Does Zwift ever give a timeline on fixes for these things?

Very frustrating. Technogym myrun using most recent firmware won’t pair with iPad (running OS v14.7.1) following Zwift 1.16 installation.

The treadmill will pair with iPad to use technogym app (so it’s not Bluetooth or treadmill issue) and Zwift pairs with my Garmin fenix 6 watch so appears to be a specific problem with Zwift and the treadmill.

C’mon Zwift sort it out.

See Treadmill not recognized [August 2021] [1.16.0] [SOLVED]

Same issue for me with Runn on android. Old runpod is found fine (didn’t realise till later so couldn’t zwift for a run today) as is wahoo tickr and kickr. All on ble mind. Happened since latest update.

Sole F85 no longer pairing, it is showing as ride not run

I am also having an issue with my treadmill no longer being recognized in Zwift Run. Zwift thinks my Sole F80 is a bike trainer. It picks it up in the cycling section but not the run section. Zwift, please fix. (By the way, I am attempting to pair with an iPad.)

Same problem here with new version 1.16. Zwift will not pair with Runn under “RUN” but will pair under “RIDE” as a power source. Same issue with my Polar OH1 heart rate monitor.

How do we get this addressed? Should we report this somewhere else?

Same issue with the sole f63.

The most recent fix still did not correct the issue. My Sole F80 still shows up on the cycling tab and blocks my iPad from connecting to my Kickr. The only thing the most recent fix did was make it where the Sole F80 now shows up in the run tab, in addition to the cycling tab. Please fix.

I am using garming forerunner 245 as the sensor. I have updated Zwift to the newest version in android 1.16.2. Both three sensors shown connected but when I started running, it seems like both Run speed and cadence sensor not detected. The avatar was not moving and I can’t start my watch to start running (in garmin virtual run mode).

Before update it was working fine.