Runn not pairing on Swift Run Option

Since last Zwift software upgrade, the Runn speed sensor on treadmill won’t pair when selecting run option on Swift. When I select Bike on Zwift, the Runn pairs OK. Tried on different apple device and same result???

Help please, is it a glitch bug in last software upgrade?

I have the same Problem

Are you still having this issue? I thought it was fixed because I did the update from last night. Recalibrated through Configurez and still not working.

This is fixed if you update the app.

awesome Stuart, its fixed in this update…did you do a quick fix since my message? there was no update available yesterday?

Update 1.16.1 - August 25th

  • Fixed an issue which prevented run devices which broadcast power from being recognized in the Running pairing screen.

If you make sure you have this version installed.