Runcline app

I started to use the RUNCLINE App on Zwift Run.

When the avatar strarts to run, he never change the speed anda run alone including when i´m quiet.

Is anydody had this problem? how can i solve that?
Best Regards

Yes. You got a buggy version of RunCline. All fixed now.

Just tried RunCline on my iPhone. Equipment windows10 PC, woodway 4front, ticker fit. All connected to RunCline. I can see RunCline in the Zwift pairing menu. And running speed on the woodway is reflected correctly to zwift.

But, zwift inclination info is not reflected either to the woodway nor the RunCline display.

What am I doing wrong. Is there a secret setting to make it work :grinning:


I had this message emailed to me when I asked about RunCline and Zwift implementation.

Hi Oli,

Thanks for reaching out to Zwift Support!

At this time there are no plans to link Zwift with run cline.

I’ve passed it on to the dev team, but we also encourage you to share your thoughts on the Zwift Forums
The forums are a great place to get more community support for an idea and gain attention from our dev team. The more attention an idea receives, the more likely it’ll get implemented into Zwift. You may find many members have the same thoughts and ideas as you!

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Ride On.
Cody P.
Member Experience Agent