Run Workout - Interval Gates Moving On Screen

This is a bug I have noticed for a LOOONG time, but have never reported it until now…when doing a workout, the “gates” that appear for different intervals constantly move around. They always seem to appear normally about a minute before the next workout interval is set to start, but about 30 seconds later, they start moving around, sometimes drastically. Sometimes they move directly in front of my avatar and sit a meter in front of me, going the same speed as I am. Sometimes I’ll be nearing the end of a hard, sustained interval and all of a sudden the gate on the screen shoots forward a few hundred meters (pretty disheartening to constantly move the finish line when you’re barely hanging on…)

Anyone else notice this? I saw a topic on it back in '18, but not much since…

Yeah I’ve seen this on the odd occasion, but not really worried about it

Been around since I started; I don’t personally expect it to be something to ever be fixed.

If it bothers you to that extreme, do your workouts on a TT bike.

It’s trying to predict your end position; but with fine details like drafting others altering your speed, it’s an imperfect process.

I’ve never had this happen. They may move a fraction for me but were only talking a few meters either way as I near the end of an interval.

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Thanks for the replies. What I’m hearing is that this is not a consistent issue for everyone, and if it is, then it is mild adjustments that don’t really affect the workout. I thought I’d record a video to show what I’m seeing on my workouts…here are some key details and times of note:!Ajq_XqQgkfgNhZIFFtl7a7X9xUKu6A

  • This is a run workout (no drafting logic)
  • I set the bias to 90% (not sure if this is affecting the gates or not)
  • Speed is coming from a treadmill, so should be a steady speed in-game (except when I change it, of course)

8:13 - gate appears 1 minute before next interval, then cruises ahead for almost the entire minute before the next interval starts (mildly annoying, as it’s still my warmup)

10:13 - gate appears, moves across an entire bridge, then stays put until I approach it with ~30 seconds left…then matches my speed, right in front of me for 30 seconds straight (very annoying, as I’m running at speed and getting ready to throttle down…the treadmill is at a consistent speed this whole time; why is the gate moving at all???)

11:06 - Workout prompt says ‘You’re SO close!’ as the gate continues to accelerate away from me (that one is a little funny after the workout due to the timing; demotivating to the extreme while in the workout :slight_smile: )

Lots more examples in just this video clip, but you get the point…it’s pretty constant and very disruptive to the workout, to say the least.