Floating Banner

Does anyone know how to remove that floating banner thing that appears in front of me, the one that shows my pace and gives some sort of encourage message. I’m not talking about the green workout screen directly in front of me, but the one that’s in the distance bouncing around. If the attached photo appears you can see it above the runner in the orange shirt next to the wall. I’ve looked everywhere in settings and can’t see an option to turn it off :frowning:

Hi @Pure_ZOOG_14Y.ZTC, I’m not familiar with the running portion of Zwift so forgive my ignorance, but if it is anything like cycling then perhaps that is the next interval for your workout? In cycling when in workout mode there is a gate in the distance that tells you where the next interval will begin and you ride through it. It looks different in cycling however and there are no settings to turn it off. Does that appear when you aren’t doing a workout and just free running around Watopia too?

Thanks for responding Mike, it’s definitely not the virtual gate that spans the road at the interval changes, it’s more like a spaceship that shows your pace and says messages like ‘keep your knees up and chest out’, that sort of thing. I had to end this workout because it’s annoying seeing the thing bouncing all over the place in front of your vision.

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Hello there!
Well, actually it’s some kind of “pacer drone”.
In some training sessions, these drones are used to pace the runners (one drone per category: A,B,C,D, etc). How to stop seeing it? Simple, you have to pass it!


Thanks for the message Lucho, I guess if there’s no way to stop it showing (other than having to pass it,) I’ll have to give these sessions/events a miss from now on; they’re just too distracting for me I’m afraid :frowning:

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Ouch! Well, actually I like those because people gather around them and run together at the same paces, also as you said, sometimes gives encouraging messages haha!

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