Workout Segment Arches appearing way too soon [April 2024]

When running on Zwift doing workouts (I import from training peaks), many times the segment zone start/finish arches (which appear when you are supposed to change speeds) appear on the screen too early and are not at the correct distance based on your current pace. For example, I might have 30 more seconds before I need to change the speed of the workout segment … the blue/orange arch will appear just down the road and then when I get close to it (lets say 15 seconds still left before the speed interval change) the arche will just remain moving along with me for the remaining 15 seconds. I have only noticed that with running.

It can be a mental drain when you are running and pushing hard and thinking you are almost there only to realize the ring appeared too pre-mature and you still have 15+ seconds before you can let up. It seems to be a miscalculation on the location on the map the ring should be placed based on your current pace. The image attached was a recent example of when the ring appear too close and then just moved along with my avatar until the time was up at which point i crossed it. Thanks!

This happened to me yesterday and I caught it on my screen recording:

Hi @Adam_Hansen welcome to Zwift forums!
@Brian_Wakem appreciate you sharing the video screenshot so we can see what you’re seeing on your end. Pictures and video are always helpful!

We’re investigating. If anyone else has similar issues, please raise your hand. We’d like to know the following:

  • Did you experience this in a structured workout (“ERG mode”)?
  • Which OS platform are you using to run Zwift?
  • Are you using the latest game version (currently v1.62 )?

@Adam_Hansen and @Brian_Wakem

Following up: I looked at your server logs and it looks like both of you were using a custom workout when you saw this same glitch. Can you give us a little more information about the custom workout? There are some things you have to watch out for when using a custom workout. See this Support Hub arttilce.

Brian - in your case, your custom workout is named Custom Workouts All-rounder #281 and that pound symbol and dash might be problematic.

Adam - it appears your workout is synced from Training Peaks, yes? Please see this other Support Hub article to make sure you’re not stepping into any known issues. Might this one apply to you?

@shooj yes it was a custom workout called ‘All-rounder #281’. I was not aware of the # issue but it has never caused any issues before.

I am running Windows 11, Zwift 1.62 and I was not using ERG.

I created the workout manually in a text editor. You can find the zwo file here if it helps:

The issue occurred just before the last IntervalsT tag.

What happens when if you rename the ZWO file here
<name>All-rounder #281</name>
and upload that into your custom workout folder? Would you give that a whirl and see if the glitch happens in the same place?

This bug has been around for over 2 years! It was there when I started running on Zwift in September of 2022. The arch appears up to a minute before the end of the interval and jumps around until a few seconds before the end of the interval when it finally settles down.
I’ve had this when running the game on iPhone and Apple TV, with workouts from Training Peaks and the Zwift workout library.

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I’ll see what I can do over the weekend

  • Did you experience this in a structured workout (“ERG mode”)?
    Yes - Noticed when doing a Structured workout imported from Training Peaks. The workout might have me maintain a speed of 7mph for a set amount of time and then change speed to 6pmh. The issue appears as I get close (typically within 30 seconds) of the transition. Noticed only when “running”

  • Which OS platform are you using to run Zwift?
    Using Ipad and companion app on iphone. So both are iOS.

  • Are you using the latest game version (currently v1.62 )?
    I update apps on a regular basis. So I believe so…but I’ll double check tonight.

  • Adam - it appears your workout is synced from Training Peaks, yes?
    Yes. I import both bike and runs from training peaks. Workouts are structured Ironman plans that are used by hundreds of athletes. The workouts import seamlessly. The intervals, times, and speeds are spot on. Everything seems to be in order except for the segment arch glitch. Not a deal killer because I’ve adjusted to double check my time remaining instead of focusing on the arch, but a fix would be nice. I checked the “Training Peaks” link and none of that seems to apply to me or the situation.

@shooj I was unable to replicate the issue using the original file so I did not see any point in trying it renamed.


I have the same issue for years, only use Zwift workouts and Zwift plans.

Sometimes you see this with bike workouts as well especially in hilly courses

Running on IPhone, cycling on IPad, AppleTV

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Here are this morning’s screen captures. The running workout was imported from Training Peaks. It only involved 1 segment so the only arch to appear was the finish arch when the workout was complete (based on time). Zwift Companion app on iOS was version 3.55.1. The main Zwift app on iOS (Ipad) was version 1.62.0. Note that I did increase the “bias” on the companion app up to 105% in order to get the pace into the zone that I wanted.

First video shows the finish arch appearing at 1min till finish mark. You can already see that as my avatar approaches it the arch begins to move along with it.

2nd video you can see the arch moving along at my pace still with 15 seconds left of the segment.

3rd video you can see the arch finally stops moving with about 5 seconds to go.

Hope that helps. Cheers!