No indication of nee power zone in workout

i run Zwift on an iPad Pro.

normally when riding a workout, a half circle is visible on the road to indicatie you enter another power zone. But recently I did miss these half circles during The entire workout…

this has happened several times now, on and off.

Hi Hans,

Just a quick question: are you sure you’re in a workout when the arches are not appearing? If so, can you try and get a screenshot?

Yes, it is for suRe during a workout: FTP 6week beginner.

the next time it happens, I Will make a screen shot.

i has happened a few times, but not always.

Does it happen during this part of the workout?


When I had no arches during the workout, it was during the entire workout: No arch at any new power zone.
I never had that there was only 1 or 2 arches missing. Either they are there or not (a few (3?) times, starting about 2 weeks ago).

Wow, never happens to me. I know the ramp up and down sections does not have Arches like the pic I posted.

And you are on your view, not looking at another rider… I had to ask. 

I am riding a workout, just looking at myself. I feel no need to watch other riders when I am riding myself. (I know when you watch someone else, you do not see their arches.)

I know you have to rule out a stupid user, but I know what I am doing. :slight_smile:

Not inferring that any one is stupid. Things happen. and this is one of those weird things that I haven’t come across.

I’m just trying to help by eliminating some options. 

does it still make the usual sound to indicate that you are changing power zones?




@Hans - I’ve created an email ticket for you in our support system from this thread. Please check your email inbox for further instructions. Thanks!

When the problem occurs again, I will collect the log file and send it to Zwift. But of course, the last 2 workouts I did not have any problem. 

I have exactly the same problem, on iPad Air2.

During workouts (Beginner 6 Week FTP Builder), it has showed arches when changing power zones for over 3 weeks. Last few days, arches are gone. Warning sound (last 3-4 seconds) when approaching new porer zone is still there, but no visible arch.

Unlike Hans, mine are not reappearing for some workouts, they are missing in all of them since they disappeared.

As I’m used to them, and they are standard feature, how can I get them back?