Run Pace Partners - Timer and Distance Counters not Starting

Since the most recent game update the Run timer and distance counters do not start automatically when a Pace Partner run is started. The avatar starts running, however, it takes several hundred metres before the counters start recording. Please fix, or not as this is just another bug that is degrading elements of Run program.

Apple TV, iPhone ZCA, AssaultRunner Pro direct connection for speed, Stryd for cadence.

That sounds like the equivalent of pedal assist. I’ll test it now.

Just tested it and yes i can confirm it’s as it should be.

It gets you up to pace like pedal assist does in cycling. You will run at the pace of the pacer until the grace period ends.
At that point the clock and distance start and your avatar will run at your treadmill pace.

One oddity is that the clock and distance briefly start when the world is loading so by the time i was with the pacer i had 5 seconds and 0.1 mile on the clock.

This stopped until the grace period ended and then both restarted.

It was doing this prior to the update.

I understand what you’re saying as I’m also a cyclist. IMO a form of pedal assist is not needed for running as it’s worked fine up to now, also it makes the ‘average pace’ timer incorrect as that timer is now out of sync with the run timer.