Air Runner (Assault fitness) has just started showing a fixed speed

Just yesterday it was all ok (speed fluctuating in zwift as you ran faster/slower), but today in zwift runs the speed is fixed to the speed the manual treadmill was reporting at time of pair.

I did around a half dozen tries and each was a different speed but the zwift avatar keep moving at the pace of pairing even if I stopped. It was funny to see cadence at 0 but a run speed shown. And it was also funny to see a running cadence and the avatar walking.

Hi Jeneva,
I´ve got the same issue. Do you already have a fix or solution to that problem?

Sorry no fix found. I eventually moved back to my old Stryd (which used to have major watch connection issues, but better than air runner to zwift. That mostly resolved with wearing it on opposite foot to watch)

Hi Jeneva,
thank you very much for the reply. Well, that´s too bad because the airrunner actually is a nice piece of tech and when it worked, it was fun.