AirRunner Treadmill - Avatar not moving


Just got Assault Airrunner and my Avatar is not moving at all. The Assault is find and connected in zwift and showed in device status.

Please help.


Hi, does the aussault runner display show speed? I had the cable inside the runner once coming loose on me.

I have a Sole TT8 and sometimes it connects via Bluetooth, sometimes it does not and sometimes it loses connection while running after awhile. Sooooo, i bought a STRYD pod and it turns out that no matter what treadmill you have this pod will make your Avatar run /walk. It’s worth the cash.

I have the same problem with cycling. Avatar doesn’t move. But you see my name, speed, hartrate etc. What is the problem, can’t find it out.

You’ll need to give complete information on your setup for any useful help.