Avatar stops running

Hi, I am using a Garmin Forerunner 245, software updated last week, and Zwift on my Android which is like a month old. It connects fine with the Virtual run and it starts running fine, no problem at all, and then all of a sudden it stops, every single time after about 1km, and it just won’t start, not after 10 seconds, not after a minute, not never, the avatar just stands there like warming up and nothing happens. Very frustrating… Any ideas?


Are you using the 245 for HR or an external sensor?

Hi, yes, I am using the 245 for the HR too.

Hi Betty,

I’ve been having the same problem all day with my 245. Did you figure out a solution???

Hi Payton, nope, unfortunately no…

Hi Betty,

Thanks for get back to me.
I’ve tried everything that was suggested to me from the Zwift support team yesterday and still had no luck.
I was able to get through a 5km run with 1 minor glitch. I had zwift playing on the iPad and I had the companion app open on my phone.
It did drop out for a few seconds at the 2km mark. I did however notice that the default settings for our watch was set to lap distance of 1km.
I will go for another run this afternoon with this disabled and let you know if I have any success