Running Event - Mile based - not starting on I-Pad properly


I experience some maybe buggy situation with my I-pad.

I sign in an Event where the distance ist given - e.g. 10km / 21.1km. I connect my I-pad with my Treadmill and log in to the event. After the countdown is on Zero, my avatar starts running, but the Clock and Km counter remains on 0 (zero) - not counting up. I have then to stop the event - go out and come back. Then Zwift is searching for other runners … no result …. Stop again and step in again - then Zwift find other runners and the counters are OK.

Anybody aware of this?

R. From Switzerland

That’s not something I’ve ever heard of.

Out of interest what happens if you run for say 10 minutes and then save the run. Does your activity upload correctly?

Never tried this …. Because it makes no sense :wink: - but I can try if its helps to debug

And it does not occur, if its a timed event - for example 30 or 60 minutes

Andreas I think this this is the Lead-In for this course.

That sounds like it may be the topic of this thread:

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I’m so daft. I didn’t realise it would be that. Of all people to miss the obvious.

Of course it is.

I naturally assumed the OP had run further than a few hundred metres before deciding it wasn’t working.