Rubberbanding and Keep together and own workouts Club Rides

Lots of great points here. In the current format clubs are great to show others what you are participating in, communicating via an internal portal and creating events with unlimited invites.

Unfortunately, unless you’re a specific club all event options are not accessible.

For clubs who want/ request the Rubberband would it at all be possible to possibly expand the meetup feature to include more than 100? Perhaps 250? That way I could include all friends that had Bike MS easily Or if you’re a DIRT, Herd, TBR, Cryo, BMTR, ALS, Meat Fight etc Club you could invite more to a banded ride. Along with/ in addition could meetups truly be copied and pasted, when you select Do This Again, rather than only partial list of participants? Thinking of alternatives to have meetups expanded with functionality that might not require an overhaul.

No every ride or group wants the banded workouts, but for those that do it’s an amazing feature I wish I could make meetups easier.

Just to echo the comments of everyone else, as a person that organises club group rides and meet ups to not have the same options as public organised events makes no logical sense to me.

What difference does it make to Zwift and surely it cannot be that hard to mirror the options to smaller group/club organisers???

C’mon Zwift, listen to what people have been asking for for a long time!

This might be part of the solution

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This is what my small riding group does currently, but it is a pain as the group grows or a random person is added to a ride. The problem with meetups is everyone that wants to be in the meetup has to be following the organizer on Zwift then the organizer has to manually add each person to the meetup. Club events have shareable links and are not limited to followers of the organizer.

I don’t know which came first between meetup keep everyone together and event rubberbanding but it’s pretty obvious that different people/teams developed each with no communication or knowledge sharing. Why else would there be 2 versions of essentially the same thing?

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Yeah my Bike MS community started with around 12 2 years ago. Which was feasible. As people joined Zwift to train together the group continued to grow. The “Keep Everyone Together” feature is the same as the Rubberband. Unfortunately adding a club type acronym to names only goes so far. I try and favorite my regular riders as well, but it’s still manual. Then with people changing names it’s a pain.
I had hoped the clubs features would make it easier and yes Club Events are great for what they are! Few clicks and boom, event created and unlimited invites. No Rubberband effect and many are still getting used to clubs that don’t Zwift as frequently as others.
It’s a work in progress and I’m happy to volunteer my clubs services to test as necessary, but the functionality is there, not sure what the Hangup is overall as I know they’re working on some issues.

Is there any more news on the clubs meet up features or rubber banding, can this be requested based on an individual request?

Sorry, the answers are no, and no

So one year later the progress for club rides-workouts is…
a little more workouts (great but still to few)
Still no rubberbanding
Still no custom workouts.

We are a tiny club and the season starts again, we mostly do workouts during the zwift training where we stick together do the workout and socialize.
So I’m trying to figure out whether I’ll take the road of creating the standard meetup (non club) and specify the workout in the description (like we did last season) or that I’ll use the club-workout (which would save me the trouble of selecting each participant individually but has limited workouts available).
Changing between these options isn’t so much an option for most participants aren’t that tech savvy, so they get confused if one time they have to join a meetup and another time it’s a club workout

What would be the the best option?
Or are there some changes coming soon to the zwift club functionality?

we have exactly the same question. Last response from Zwift was last year in November from Shuji and January 4th from James. Quote from James: “…with a couple of roadmap reviews and departures from the business this has had an impact on our progress”

Exactly the same question here at the Start of a new indoor Zwift season. I hoped that this issue was solved during the this summer season…. I really hope good news will follow soon. But please let us know the road map/expectations at least.

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