Zwift Clubs - dead in the water?

Such a good idea. Would be a great forum to hold private weekly club events.

you can already use clubs for racing. while not perfect it does 90% of what you probably want.

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That was a month ago. Is anything happening with clubs?

Since Eddy left updates stopped then when we did get an update in October there was very little progress since the summer. Frustrating to see when it has so much potential.

Can we make notifications a priority?


That is the singular missing feature making Clubs a non-starter.

Add rubberbanding/keep-together and we’d see an immediate, dramatic uptick in Club use.


totally agree with this , i setup 7 banded rides for Rapha 500 for the first rides rubberband to limit the group speed to 16kph, the ride was supposed to be for 70km but everyone said enough after the first hour, The ride lead then messaged me to delete the rest of the events, Thanks zwift for ruining so many riders first ride of the Rapha 500, This fence has been broken for a long time now and really isn’t good enough to just say work in progress when it is a important part of a lot of clubs,

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@James_Zwift @shooj - Think we’ve all been pretty patient waiting and not chasing over the Christmas period but now things should be getting back to normal could we please get some sort of update on the Clubs roadmap?

Should we all just give up hope and stop nagging if we’ll go another 6 months without any major updates…


Yep…Zwifts communication here is extremly frustrating since long time…question is why.

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Hi all - Clubs is still very much in our plans for the future, but with a couple of roadmap reviews and departures from the business this has had an impact on our progress.


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Thanks for the reply James. Have there been any thoughts around creating a Clubs stakeholder community group to help input for feature priorities / future development ideas?

I’m certainly more than happy to help in any way I can. I really would like to not have all my posts on here be complaints / whinging! :joy:

thanks James but i’m still not really sure where that leaves clubs.

Any chance we can get an eta on when we can expect a status update. reading between the lines i assume clubs is not being actively worked on and hasn’t been since staff departures so wondering when things might start up again.

Again sorry to moan just more in frustration as I see the potential both for clubs and zhq if the small things could be changed. Notifications, proper event settings etc to make them usable.


100% get the frustration.

Our ultimate goal is for you guys to build events with full customisation without you having to contact us. This is a big thing and will take a significant (1 year+) amount of time to do.

I don’t have an ETA on next update but I’ll ask Chris.

thanks, totally baffled how it can take a year but fair enough.

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maybe start with notifications then that would be a lot easier and at least make club chat usable for communication.


lol again for character count


Wait! I think I hear the sound of a ball dropping :man_shrugging:t2:

This is really disappointing to hear. For those of us who have ‘small’ clubs we don’t even have the option for any customisation requests at all. Maybe I’m just naive to the importance of Clubs and in actual fact to the majority of Zwift users it’s irrelevant as that’s how it feels.

As per the subject of this thread, keep together would make a huge difference on its own to a lot of clubs. Seeing as meet-ups, which we all have to use as a workaround now, function pretty well how much work would it require to make meet-ups have a shareable link from which people could join without having to invite from your followers list? This makes up a huge amount of admin to organise in the background. Typing this seems ridiculous seeing as we want this existing function in Clubs rides. If there’s an issue with large numbers I’d rather you just put a cap on max numbers that can join.

I’d also like to hope that this planned full customisation would be staggered rather than in one go so we can get the most useful functionality in the quickest amount of time. Again reiterating what I said in my previous post - I’d love to help as part of a group of other Club’s to help feed into the priorities and desires of the community that actually uses it.

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I have the same problem. I was thinking that if they just added a single 60 minute Z2 club workout that could take advantage of the existing keep together feature (or whatever it’s called in club workouts), that would make a pretty good social ride.

@Chris_Jupp_T2.5 Just note that Rubberbanding is not the same as Keep together that you are used to in meetups. So I don’t think Rubberbanding is what you want.

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