Rubberbanding and Keep together and own workouts Club Rides

Can we just (massively) increase the existing library as a step one? Assuming the majority of clubs do workouts from 30m - 1h, there are 4 workouts to choose from.


It would be a huge improvement if we can select our own workouts from the standard workout menu in a club ride with the keep together function. Just like what we can do in a meetup.


So why is it possible with certain clubs like JZQC for example?

Because it’s a manual process at the moment. To scale this up to all clubs requires a system-wide change.

So it’s possible to request this “manual process” if your a big club? Otherwise could you not extend the workouts even a little while we wait? It’s offseason and we only have SST HIT sets. Just a few more options around 60min would please the masses


We’ve done 4 weeks of club workouts now and have exhausted all the options. I’m pretty sure everyone will lose their enthusiasm when I schedule the same workout again for next week.


Agree, we had a great time last workout and everyone was so excited for this feature. I can schedule a few more weeks but then this will just die, no one want to ride the same 4 SST sets over and over.


I agree this is huge gap with Zwift. My club is training for a CX race and build a workout specifically to help us but we have can do it together. You would think with such a focus o the social aspect of Zwift this would be a top priority. I would love to see this implemented over the Winter months.


Is there a way to create a club event using a custom workout. I build a workout mimicking a CX race we are preparing for and I would like us to all do the workout and train?

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Nope. You have a small selection of workouts to chose from. After a couple of weeks everyone gets bored and stops attending.

I can recommend Mat Hayman Paris-Roubaix to really ensure they never come back again. Or maybe my personal favourite oxymoron, High Intensity Recovery.

Thanks. For now I am going to share the work and we ride at the same time and chat through discord.

I’m being obtuse, but you can also do a meetup and get everyone to load the workout whilst waiting for the event to start. The old school way.

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I will try that too.

I like the idea of clubs, but honestly they lack the flexibility of meet-ups. I schedule meet ups daily and have individuals joining with a wide variety of skill sets and interests. What we enjoy about the meetups is that we can each be doing our own thing but still ride together. We also enjoy not seeing the other riders in the world.

  1. Rubber-banding in a Club ride would be nice (I see it might be possible to turn on from the web interface).

  2. the ability for Club members to select workouts once in the “pen” or “start area” for the ride, and even after the ride starts.

  3. hide non event riders.

  4. either increase or remove the limit on how many events I can create in a day. Initial setup is a pain when you can only create 3 a day and have 7 days to populate and manage. In some cases due to members personal schedules I may create two or three meetups for a single day.

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I agree with this @Tim_Walsh. Vote for this at the top!

We need the same options in a Club event as we have in the current meetup system. We have two systems with both good points but we need it to be one system with all the options.

I don’t like saying things are easy to do if I can’t do it myself, but we know what work in meetups and we know what work in clubs what we ask is to combine all of this to one interface.


Well my attempts to edit a Club Event and turn on rubber banding failed miserably. I tried it in two different Clubs, I’m a moderator in one and the owner in the other. I was unable to even see my event because the pull-down to select the club never populated (MS Edge browser). Will poke at it some more later.

The web interface is not compatible with editing club events.

Then what events are they talking about? After I select the link it then asks me to select a Club?

public events on the main event calendar, not private club events.


Really hope these ideas are being actively worked on. Planning a social ride within a club would be so much easier and fun if the keep-together functionality was a possibility. For us these rides are time limited, so speed is not really the focus, its just an hour of riding and chatting… mostly chatting.
What would the perfect ride planner functions be:

  • Picking any route you want. (this is possible)
  • Select these rides to have rubber banding
  • Have the option to either pick a planned workout for everybody (limited as we only have 9 workouts and 2 ramp tests to pick from), and/or let anybody pick their own (custom)workout during the group ride.
  • The Race results, women only, late join options are good to keep.

Taking this further, while I believe the Companion App is a great bit of software, planning multiple club events/recurring events is a pain in the saddle region. Adding events through the desktop website would make things a lot easier with copy-pasting descriptions.

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