Meetup Speeds Incorrect with Small Groups (46km/h or 28mph)

When will this be fixed?

I know people are seeing this problem in different situations but the group I ride with has been seeing this for a long time and can recreate it on most of our rides.
We do Meetups with Keep Everyone Together turned on.
We do a timed ride rather than distance which probably is not part of the trigger. We set the time for longer than most people want to ride.
When people start quitting the meetup the ‘boost mode’ normally kicks in. Most of the time it kicks in when the count of remaining riders is 2. If someone joined the Meetup late it often kicks in with 3 left in the Meetup. Sometimes the boost allows the speed to slow on the up hills and sometimes it continues to push us at or near 29 mph up hill. ‘Boost Mode’ will continue until the Meetup is over or an additional person leaves the Meetup.
When in boost mode, on the downhills, if you pedal your max speed is 29 mph, if you coast you can go faster.

Update (09/08/2022):
Tonight, we got the boost as we often do. It started when people started leaving the Meetup. We went from 7 to 4. It was triggered when one of the last 4 stopped pedaling for a few seconds and then resumed. All 4 were doing 29 mph except up the hills. It did not matter what our power output was.

how is this issue not fixed yet?
just had a meetup with one other person.
im at 3.7w/kg @ 260 and they’re at 2.5w/kg at 150w
46km/hr never changed

i was hosting meetup on apple TV
also i swapped from a mountain bike to a tron bike in the waiting area and on their screen i was still on the mountain bike the entire time

I’ve seen this same thing a couple of times recently. Last week 3 of us riding at 2w/kg @160w managed to ride 24 miles in 60 minutes. On my own I’d expect to ride 18 miles at a push in the same time.

This week 2 of us riding at 1.5 w/kg we’re doing 29mp/h and a 3rd rider was doing 4w/kg and only 20mp/h (hard limit) and we easily pulled away.

I’m hoping that someone at Zwift picks up this thread now as something isn’t right with meet-ups right now.

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Fixed that for you

Update from @Jon

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Not fixed… I just had it happed on a two person meetup today 1/7/2023.

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I don’t see an activity for 1/7/2023 :frowning:

Did one of the riders late join?

I hide the ride. For the majority of the Meetup ride my friend was with me and speed was pegged at 29mph. After they left and I was still in the meetup and speed dropped to normal.

Also, what defines late? A minute… two… five… I waited until they joined and we rode off together a couple minutes after the meetup started.

EDIT: This was originally a separate post but got merged into this thread. So its a 2-year old bug that Zwift still haven’t sorted? LOL, figures…

Occasionally when riding I get passed by a small group of riders who are going substantially faster than me (an apparent speed of around 60-80kph) despite putting out low power. In this case the riders were doing under 2w/kg.

When this happens the riders are always in a small group/bunch so I assume in a meetup with “rubber band” applied. It seems as though the algorithm to calculate the power is faulty in some cases.

I’ve seen this several times but this is the first time reporting this. Things I’ve ruled out between this and previous instances:

  • Riders have not just finished a sprint and coasting on speed built up from previous higher power output
  • Happens on flat routes, so riders are not free-wheeling after gaining speed whizzing down a descent
  • I’ve never had this happen with a single rider, always small groups of riders so I assume meetups.

(I did do a search for this and couldn’t find anything. But the search sucks)

Screenshot below, the riders were gapping me at around 1second extra gap per second of elapsed time, despite power being substantially lower:

I think this was an issue a while ago (as you mentioned) then it kinda got fixed but from time to time is still broken and seemingly not enough people are bothered by it for zwift to want to re-look at it. same as a lot of stuff on here.

Makes a lot of segment leaderboards meaningless, they need wiping for the brand new Companion app feature to mean much.

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Im guessing those are the same two guys who did the Epic KOM in under 13 minutes today. Ludicrous. This is a bug that definitely needs to be fixed.


Not much point wiping the leaderboards unless they fix the bug Steve though, or they’ll just get repopulated with bad data again until this bug is fixed. I do also think its worth them blocking zpower from leaderboards now too - the number of time sprint segments have zpower riders at the top is ridiculous. zpower riders should be able to ride freely in world, but its not right that they can compete in races or take segments.

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I think they meant take them out of your personal leaderboard not the overall ones.

Did I imagine that they fixed it and it broke again? Or did people just stop using it because it was broken?

We used to get that bug often but Zwift fixed it. We have not seen it in a very long time.

It seem like there are very edge cases (or hacks) where people will cruse at 46km/h

This bug is NOT fixed. It happened last saturday 3/18/2023. I created a meetup, two peopleshowed up, we sped along at 29 mph through the makuri 40 route. we tried repeatedly to break the rubber band to see if that would help but couldn’t break the rubber band. I even stopped for 30 seconds (no movement) and still shot back up to 29 again once I started pedaling.
I repeat, this bug is NOT fixed.

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Did they late join.

What devises were the people using?

I often see two people cruising around at high speed too so i agree it isn’t fixed in all cases.