Speed limited on meetup with "Keep everyone together" option


Later today I created a meet up with two other friends. Right after he connected our speed went down a lot even though he was cycling at a similar pace. After a few minutes it normalized and then the problem started back again.

This is not the first time it happens to us, we cycle together and quite often this problem shows up which is the reason I’m making this post.

As you can see in this video youtu.be/3EuhIhyoD5s that I upload it looks like we are tied together and this is restrincting our speed. See that speed is locked at 17kph at 0% while we are at 2.5kg/w, 3.0kg/w approximately.

Please keep it to this thread: Meetup Speeds Incorrect with Small Groups - #31 by Caio_Moreira

Closing this one since it is redundant.

Ride On!