Keep everyone together slows people down

I’ve been doing a few meet-ups lately where the ‘keep everyone together’ feature is enabled. On more than 1 occasion I’ve found myself in a group of 4/5 riders and together we’ve been upto 9/10 minutes off the back of the main group. No matter how hard I push I cannot break free of this mini group. Similarly going down a 10% gradient with this group, our speed was moderated to less than 18 mph! The worst occasion was pushing 550W on the flat only to be doing 20mph
The net seems to work for a while and then it breaks.

Hi @Adam_Royles_Sheffrec, welcome to the forums!

What are the w/kg of the other members of the meetup? Is someone soft pedaling the entire time bringing your speed way down?

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There was a whole range of abilities. People in the main group pushing 4w/kg+. I was pushing 2.5-3w/kg. The only thing I can think of is someone was waaay off the back and it held us back somehow. The main group have reported no issues and were able to press on the front.