RPM drop out issues

Hi All

I have been using zwift for some time now and since the latest zwift and Mac updates, when pedalling downhill my RPM drops to below 20rpm so consequently when it gets to the flat section, it takes around 5-10:seconds to get back up to speed by which time if I riding in a group I have lost touch, anyone else experiencing these or similar issues?


Hi @Rob_Wheeler, welcome to the forums!

Cadence doesn’t have any effect on your speed, it is purely a visual metric. Power/watts are what move the avatar regardless of your cadence, you don’t even need a cadence sensor for Zwift to work.

Please tell us more about your setup, what trainer are you using, devices that run Zwift, how are you connecting (bluetooth or ant+), etc…

You might want to upload a log file to zwiftalizer.com and share the link here for feedback on what may have happened