HELP! Low Cadence, Watts, and Resistance

Hi all, since late February I started to experience very low cadence on all my rides on Zwift, these were accompanied by low wattage even on routes that had very little climbing. My average RMPs on Zwift used to be 85-90rpm and now I’m only at 68rpms at best. I’ve performed several spindowns on the KICKR as well as Zwift and I made sure the KICKR was warm (rode 30min before) the spinoffs. I updated the software for both Wahoo and Zwift. I started to think that I could be the wahoo KICKR but I tested with Rouvy and the Wahoo app and the kicker, cadence, and watt seem totally normal. I only have the problem with the Zwift app on my laptop or the one on my iPhone. Also, I use a wahoo cadence meter on my left pedal. I’ve open a couple help-tickets with Wahoo and Zwift but I’m still waiting for an answer. Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance!