Route selection - 'Follow Riders around me'

When I’m not in an event, I’ll usually just select ‘Follow riders around me’ as my route. Since the October update (with the new route selection method/icons), the auto selection has always been the standard ‘lap’ (both Watopia and London) apparently regardless of what those around me were doing - this is even true when I joined in a large group (30+ rider) who all went another way at one turn. I’ve done three rides of 100km total since the update, so it’s highly unlikely that this is just random.

I remember this being a problem in the early days of the feature, but it has been working for a considerable time.

Just to reiterate, when you select “Follow riders around me” you never follow who you’re riding with?

Not if they’re turning off the standard lap.For example, when a group turns down Ocean Boulevard, I go straight on up the climb; and heading through the Italian villiage, a large group went down to the causeway and I went to the sprint. There have been times I’ve gone the same way as one or two other riders, but they’ve always been when we all followed the route of a standard lap at that point.

Hey @Ray_Lashley just checking in, are you still seeing this issue as of the latest update?

Yes - sorry, I meant to check in after my ride on Tuesday. Before that I completely reinstalled Windows 10 and Zwift on the laptop I use - not solely for this problem but it was “the last straw”. The only other thing I installed was Chrome. My ride on Tuesday was set to ‘Group riders nearby’ and took me round the Watopia lap three and a half times. There were a couple of times where three or four riders in a small group turned down Ocean Boulevard and I went straight on on my own - the rest of the turns it was less clear what the riders around me were doing but it stuck to the original lap.


Hi again. I see there’s been another update so my last email may not have been clear. It wasn’t working prior to the NYC update - I don’t know if it is working now as I don’t know what the standard NYC route is (and I selected the pretzel route this morning anyway).

Back to Watopia today, and the issue persists. Four times past the Ocean Boulavard turning today without following the crowds. I think I managed to get some videos if they’re any help.