Ride with...?

Does anyone know if there is a way to get a group to automatically follow me if I am manually navigating around Watopia? i.e. if they select to ride with me from the menu screen at the very start of their ride, will they then follow my every move at intersections unless they manually choose to take a different turn?

No they wont “follow” you is you make turns, it would be nice.

But you can start a meetup and invite them. Or if you pick a route and tell them what route to pic and then they select ride with Adam they SHOULD stay with you if you don’t make manual turns.


I plan to do a bit of a self navigated Route in a couple of weeks to tackle the Strava Dolomites Challenge. I wanted to avoid us all having to make the manual turns at intersections.

I take it there is no way to manually create a route in advance to avoid manual turns entirely?

correct, no way to do that unfortunately.