Route planning + auto vs. manual turns

I like the default route options, but it would be really great to have the ability to plan your own route as well. You could have the option for your avatar to automatically follow the route OR just have on-screen turn cues and you have to manually turn. That would help keep your mind engaged a little better while riding indoors! You could also share that route with friends or just have a friend follow the route you are on. 

Good news! You can already do this. When you’re at an intersection, just choose the direction you want to go from the route choices available. You can select via the arrow keys on your keyboard or with the Mobile Link app.

If your friend is already “riding with you” they’ll also follow your route choices.

But defining own route would be very useful. To be honest… the most missing for me is “everesting” option in Watopia: route to Tower with u-turn before the end (or something similar)