GTA or Forza-style SatNav

(Russell Gowers [CRANKS] KISS (C)) #1

Searched but can’t find this in the backlog - sorry if posted before.

Often when I’m riding I’ll want to make my way to the Volcano circuit, or the top of the mountain. But as Watopia becomes more complicated it’s getting harder to take the right series of turns to get where I want to go, especially if I pick a route and then change my mind mid-ride.

It should be possible to pull up an overview map of the world, complete with You Are Here icon and key landmarks. From here the user should be able to click to select a point on the map to navigate to. Directions should then come on screen at each turn with the correct turn selected by default. The user should also be shown time and distance to destination.

A user’s friends should also be displayed on the map if they’re online, and the user should have the option to navigate a vector to their friend. This would be a benefit if the user has not opted to start at the same point as their friend, but now wants to ride with them

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Russel.  Something along these lines is coming.  We all play the same games as everybody else, and you’re totally right - Watopia is finally complicated enough that it’s now inevitable that we switch to a minimap.   The NAV features will probably be later.

(Russell Gowers [CRANKS] KISS (C)) #3

Hey Jo. Thanks for the super-quick response! A mini map will be a great starting point - I’ll look forward to its inclusion