Ride with - automatically ride same route

When I select “ride with” my avatar should automatically make the same turns as the rider I selected to ride with. I should have the option to take a different turn, but as a default, I should stay with that person without having to select the turn. 

It is difficult to stay with the rider I selected if we are in a group and it is not easily visible where they turn. 

Yes, this only makes sense. Otherwise the feature makes no sense at all.

Yes, when joining another rider, there is no way to know what route they are riding (unless you pre-arrange) so when you join, all is good for a while then all of a sudden you’re heading in different directions. 

Is it possible to get an update on this? Ride With should mean ride with and not just drop in. If I choose to ride with someone on the EPIC KOM on Watopia but my course was CCW Volcano route, how does that make any sense? 

It should be like an adhoc group event. You wouldn’t make everyone that joined an official event also choose the course right? No, because they intend stay together. The same is true for everyone that chooses “Ride With”. And we don’t always know what the other person has chosen so it isn’t reasonable to have everyone do this manually.




Done 2 rides where I am mis-routed after choosing “ride with” a someone.


It seems to be broken again.