"Ride With" function improvments

I’ve rarely used the “Ride With” function successfully there are two issue:

  1. You automatically end up behind the rider you are trying to “ride with” …if they are in the group, you will never catch up unless you bury yourself, which is no fun, even in a race.

  2. If someone is riding “Reverse Watopia”, “Ride with” adds more insult to injury. It will drop you behind the person, going the wrong direction. If they are are a hill, you may not be able to get slow enough to turn around  until you get flat enough to drop below 15 mph.

Please help.

Quick comment on number 2 - are you sure about this? I’m pretty sure I’ve joined somebody going reverse and ended up in the same direction. Also, when you turn around, you will automatically brake down to 15 mph, no need to wait to slow automatically. In my experience, the only times you can’t turn are if someone is passing you or you’re going too slow.

Agree - “Ride With” is only useful if the rider is not moving.

really ride with need to have watts/kg displayed not km/h which is not very informative. 

Yes, I feel the same. Ride with is useless when the person is moving (almost all the time for me) and I agree with Rob Skinner that will be more informative the watts/kg. 

It will be nice that the game will take into consideration the player current watts/kg and put the joining player in front of him. (eg 100m in front for 2w/kg, 200m in front for 3w/kg )

“Ride with” should 1. give the existing rider a notification and 10 second countdown (obviosuly without stopping them) and 2. match the speed for 5 seconds after the new rider joins in a drafting position.

+1000 Alex J Mitchells comment - need to add a 10 second countdown to Ride With function. Maybe called Ride in Progress function or similar? You could pedal in the background during countdown to start rolling, or maybe countdown would start once you are moving after a Start Pedaling! cue or something. Anything that would get you rolling up to speed instead of a standstill.

I don’t have close keyboard access from bike, and it’s really a drag going from a standing start to 300w only to watch your desired group disappear over the horizon. THANKS!

If the rider is stationary, then place the oncoming rider just next to him.

If the rider is moving, I suggest A MINUTE ahead. You do need to warm up and all and need to gauge how fast the rider is coming towards you.

The Ride With option has to be changed imo. Joining ahead of the rider you want to ride with just like joining a group IRL. The only decision is how far ahead. I’d say 30 seconds is minimum but enough. Not sure how this would affect joining static riders waiting to start a group ride/race though, but I wouldn’t think 30 seconds would be a disaster.


Any news about this?

The function in itself is great but right now it doesn’t work at all. Even if I start pushing 400 Watt before clicking the ‘Ride with…’ button, it is still almost impossible to catch up.

I wonder why option to select route/rider to ride with is not available after you slow down (and menu button appears). If you were highlighted in the riders list, it was simple to find and select someone to follow.