Joining friends/groups

(marko vuruna) #1

Would be nice once you select “ride with group” or “friend” that it ports to directly to them and your speed matches their for a few seconds(if they’re riding) while riding then you can maintain a pace you agreed to.

(Craig Feringa) #2

Riding with friends is great.  Finding them after you log in is a problem, and if they are listed at the log in, as soon as the avatar ‘appears’ on screen, your friend is blasting past you … and you can’t catch up.  

Suggestions:  ‘Dump’ the avatar 3 minutes ahead of the rider you want to join.  This gives a bit of time to warm up so you don’t kill yourself trying to keep up, or one can just sit and wait for them.  

On the mobile app, for friends who they’ve allowed you to follow, provide the capability to text them.  Example:  “Hey Jim, I see you’re riding.  I’ll be home in 10 minutes, are you still going to be on”?  Or, Jim, I saw you just logged on, where are you?  This should be done with the private text mode.



(Patrick Tremblay) #3

Yes add this feature! When your friend is in a group ride, it’s impossible to catch up! Drop the avatar at the same place AND at the same SPEED, or drop it 1km in front so I have time to speed up and join them.

Otherwise, the “Ride with” feature is pointless, we all start at the same place anyway.

Please add this!!