Friend catch up arcade style

I want to ride with a friend but he is training at MUCH HIGHER level than I am (Basically I’m really fat and I’m trying to get into shape). It would be awesome if there was some kind of catch up so I can actually ride with him without having a cardiac arrest. Maybe some kind of tetering to a friend which move your avatar forward faster then you really are going but not affecting the actual stats?

no this wouldn’t work and trust me im in the same boat as you. lets say your friend goes 3 to 1 in mileage. well if he is tetering you around then you would be “lying” to yourself. sure as you said the stats wont be affected, but your times will in a way by giving faster times then you should or the game doesn’t register them at all. even if you don’t care about the times they’re still needed to show how well you’re doing.

however I do like your idea but to make it work instead of tetering you would just set up a ghost avatar. basically you would find their profile and click ghost. the would get a message saying something like, “John Doe wants to set up a ghost, do you accept?” they click yes and your avatar and theirs would be set next to each other. also a private message would be set up for y’all and this will keep what you do in the game true while still riding with your friend.