"Ride with"...

A feature request for the “Ride With” function

On the right of the screen when riding is the list of riders, the suggestion is that whoever you’re riding with should be “pinned” at the top or bottom of this list so you can keep track of them for the duration of your ride. It is SO easy to lose track of whoever you’re meant to be doing a ride with when large groups come past, especially if you’re doing efforts and are getting separated.


Similarly, if more than just one person chooses the “rides with” option for an individual the other people should appear in the list. OR have a method to create a ride, give it a name eg ROBIN, then on the start menu have an option to ‘Join Ride by code’ and just type ROBIN to join, that way multiple users can join without the need for a formal group workout or race.

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“ride with - in combination with workouts”


I still wait for rider selection in game (without necessity to start it again…) :slight_smile: