What happened to "Ride with _____"?

We used to use this feature especially if one rider got disconnected. It seems to be missing with the new UI. Am I not finding it or has it been removed from the game?

Yes it has been removed with the new UI.

Apparently it is something they are looking to bring back in future updates.

Given it was flagged pretty much straight away and seems an easy thing to add back (it is still on the old UI) I don’t see why they can’t at least put a temporary solution in for now.

is there a way to switch back to the old UI?

No. The old method of switching doesn’t work anymore.

you used to be able to change your language to something other than english but not sure if that still works

When choosing someone to ride with it’d be nice to see their average w/kg, route and elapsed time instead of their speed, and you should be able to opt out of being included on the “ride with” list if you so desire.