Ride with friend AND their route too

I’m sure that this has been discussed before, but I can’t seem to find the answer when I search…

When I am starting out and on the select route page and see that a friend is currently Zwifting and click the “ride with (person’s name)”, it works so that I am spawned on Zwift right behind them - good thus far. BUT, I’m not automatically put onto their route! So, at the every intersection, we run the risk of splitting apart. What am I doing incorrectly? Or, is Zwift not yet set up to sync routes in “ride with…” mode?

Exactly this! This makes no sense to me why you wouldn’t automatically be put on the same route as the person you choose to ride with. I have to either send them a text, call them, etc, and then that’s only if they even remember the route the selected.

This seems like a no-brainer.

I think this idea is a good one, for sure. But, just to get you by until (if?) this is ever implemented, be sure you are in 3rd-person view and you should see some flashing arrows near your friend’s seat just before each intersection that indicate which direction they will turn. You can then manually select that direction for your avatar to turn so that you stay together.

Alternatively, albeit a little more proactive, you can set up a ‘Meetup’ with your friend/s. On a Meetup all riders should be put on the same route. Additionally, in a Meetup the other people in your group will be clearly marked in the rider list on the right side of the screen.