Route Recommendations in Game and Auto-select

I am kind of a newbie with level 7 now. I select a route and try to do better on it, but suddenly almost towards the end, there are route suggestions to go either left or Right… and a lot of cases, it auto selects after 10 seconds or so, something new and it ruins the loop i had selected.

Is there a way to disable this feature? Because if i want to do a Greater London Route, let me do it… dont ask if i want to take a right or left with about 10% of the route remaining…

How do you navigate?

If you’re on a route selected from the home screen, the game will pick the correct turns automatically to allow you to complete the route (and collect the badge, if it’s your first time). Most routes are in a loop so if you don’t change the turns then you should continue to do the route over and over. The thing to remember is that if you manually turn off a route at any point then you won’t get the badge, even if you immediately correct the turn and get back on the same route. Similarly, there’s no guarantee that the game will automatically keep you on the correct route loop after making any manual turns whatsoever.

There’s no way to disable the turn options, and given that you may actually wish to make a manual turn, doing so would be a bit daft. Hope this makes sense.


I wish that was true but no. Be it Volcano or London or the one in France, if i keep the companion app away or not touch it, the route doesn’t get complete. It takes me to some other route and as you mentioned, if i take a U turn and get back on that route, it loses the route timing. Maybe its an Android 12 Tablet issue?

Maybe your touch screen is playing up in some way, but that’s definitely what is meant to happen. If it didn’t, nobody would be able to complete any route and the forum would be full of complaints.

Are you sweating onto your tablet? That might be activating the turn buttons.

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Hi @Toshal_Shenai1

Your ride in London " GREATEST LONDON LOOP" did follow the correct route for the part that you were riding.

What give you the indication that you are going on another route. Have you tried to just ignore the directions and follow what Zwift does.

Try the “Beach Island Loop” in Watopia, Don’t make any turns let Zwift navigate and let’s see where it takes you.

I’m sure that has happened to me when sweating over the laptop. I now move it further away.

I have my towel draped over the bottom of the Companion app.