Route completion question

I’ll be honest, I really don’t like the lead-ins that some routes have. I’m only running at most 5k at the moment as I’m only just starting out. I’m really getting sick of Watopia’s 5k loop, but it’s the only route I can finish. I was excited to find shorter routes in other places, but they all have these excessively long lead-ins. Since I’m assuming Zwift won’t get rid of them, I tried a work around by joining a random runner who was near the start of the route. In this case today it was in Yorkshire, which has a lead in that’s as long as the route. When I finished the route, it didn’t look like I got credit, either as a badge or as XP. I’m wondering, did I do something wrong or do you have to do the lead in as well to get credit? Also, do you have to select the route to get credit for it, so joining a runner doesn’t count or just running aimlessly and completing the route doesn’t count? Is there any other way to get xp or completion credit for a route without having to do the lead in? Sorry for the initial rant. Hopefully I’ll get better at running in the future and can complete these entirely on my own.

yes you need to finish the whole route distance to get any of the route badge… and you will need to cover a little longer until the route badge achievement pop up on screen… and no there is no other way as far as i know on how to finish and get the route badge achievement…

You donˋt get a cycling route badge, when you are running. You only get the running route badges for the specific running routes. So, you canˋt get any badges in Yorkshire as a runner for example.


There are only running badges in Watopia and New York presently.

These don’t have a lead in fortunately.

Keep training and in sure you’ll start you feel confident to go further than 5K. Drop the pace a little and that might help you go towards 5 miles.

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Thanks to all of you for your responses. I’m enjoying using Zwift so much and now I’m even more motivated to go farther. See you out there!

@Dave_Waters -
If you navigate to, in the upper left toggle the switch to running. All the running specific routes (with badges) will appear and it also shows the lead-ins (in blue).

It appears that you have a typo in the link, but I’ll check out the site. Thanks!

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You can also just go to the routes tab when you select your route and look for the little run icon next to it. Those give you running badges.