Route Completion Awards not given after lasted Update


I did 2 routes earlier after updating the Apple TV app and now the Route Completion awards aren’t working. When I completed the routes there was no banner to say I’d completed them and they don’t show in the route achievements either.

Hello @Con_B_T.T_WCC_FCCC

I couldn’t find you on Zwift, can you post the rides you say aren’t giving you the route completion award? What route are you choosing from the main menu? Also note, you cant get multiple badges in one ride and you cant make manual turns during the ride.



Here you go,

Volcano Circuit
Volcano Circuit CCW

I don’t make any manual turns and I’ve been ticking off a few Route achievements in the last few days before the update. Attached files

looks like you stopped short of the finish banner. You have to cross the banners to start and finish the routes.