Route badges: 2 for the price of 1

Noticed a nice exploit the other day when a friend finished his route, and decided to test it myself today on another route to see if I could replicate it, and it did! My friend did it on the Figure 8 loop and it also works on the volcano loop. So I guess it would also work on other official routes which also have a reverse option.

So, what’s the bug…
When completing a route (which also should have a reverse option) and receiving the badge, you can do a u-turn and immediately receive the badge for the reverse route as well. I did it for the volcano loop today and I got both badges in the same ride within 5 seconds.

Saves a ■■■■ of a lot of time for the Lutscher badge :innocent:

I prefer riding the routes, why should I cheat?

Agree completely, but I posted this in the bugs section for a reason. It is a bug

I did it on purpose with the shortest reverse course there is to check if the exploit still works