Rogue Echo bike in Zwift!

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Here’s my Zwift setup on the Rogue Echo for anyone wanting some steady state cardio.

I just put a speed sensor on the axle with gorilla tape, cadence sensor on the pedal and hooked my H10 heart rate sensor up. It’s not perfect, but sure is better then staring at snow while I ride!

Got the tablet holder off Etsy, if anyone wants one, I can send you the link. It does the trick, but it’s not perfect

Parts list:

Garmin speed and cadence sensor bundle

Garmin ANT+ usb sensor

Polar H10 heart rate sensor

Gorilla 2 sided tape (To mount the speed sensor)

Tablet mount

Is this 100% certain to work? Update, please.

Yep, been using it daily for almost a year now with no issues. Garmin released updated sensors since I posted this, so it’ll likely work better for you now

I’m about ready to pull the trigger on the Garmin speed and cadence sensor 2-fer pack.

So you’re saying this works with no drop-offs? Even if it’s “once in a while” I’ll still go ahead.

Do let me know what exactly “no issues” means. Like … PERFECT? If so, wow.

I wouldn’t say it’s a “perfect” setup, just because you are limited to 400W in Zwift if you don’t have a compatible smart device, but I haven’t had any drop offs with the Garmin sensors. I did have drop off randomly when I was using the Wahoo sensors, but Bluetooth devices can be sketchy with any interference.

I use it as a motivational tool for longer rides at a steady pace. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are expecting it to be the same as a road bike in the game. You can’t account for elevation gains or losses, but for the amount of work you can do for the investment, it’s better than dropping thousands on a dedicated bike/smart kicker or something like the Wahoo bike for sure.

Thanks for the info, Casey.

@Glenn_Weir Just note it won’t be accurate at all, since it is not a Zwift supported trainer ant they don’t have a power curve for it.