Rogue Echo + Zwift - Anyone with a proven method?

Hi there. I’m looking for a tried-and-tested method of connecting my Rogue Echo to Zwift. I see a thread from a while back that says it can be done, using a Garmin ANT+ usb sensor and a Polar H10 heart rate sensor. I guess what I’m looking for is a solid “yes” confirmation that this indeed works. I would dearly love to get my Rogue Echo to connect with Zwift - I’d go for a full membership etc.

Anyone with any info on how to get this off the ground - like, for sure off the ground …?

Throw some powermeter pedals on it and you should be good to go, assuming the pedals are standard size/thread pedals.


Mount speed and cadence sensors. The cadence sensor should be easy. But it might take some effort to find a spot to mount the speed sensor such that you get a reliable reading.

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The best and frankly the only option is to get power pedals as Lin said or to change the crank and bottom bracket and install a power crank arm.

Speed sensor won’t give you realistic results not even close, it will be super bad.

The easiest way would be to pick up a second hand tacx flow and bike. Probably cheaper than getting a power meter to fit to something that won’t interact with zwift.