Rogue Echo 3.0 - Now with Bluetooth - Anyone care to share their experience?

So I’m about to pull the trigger on a new (3.0) console for my 2.0 Rogue Echo as that brings full Bluetooth capability - and thus the ability to hook into Zwift and/or Rouvy and/or other cycling apps.

I’m just wondering if anyone out there has gone this route, has swapped out their console for the new 3.0 Bluetooth console - and how the experience is overall using Zwift in particular. Is this going to be a good time, worth my purchasing a nice big HDTV and setting up some nice lighting etcetera - or is the Rogue Echo experience in Zwift crappy and unresponsive, laggy, etc.

Anyone care to share?

What sort of riding do you want to do in Zwift? This bike doesn’t have a power meter so there’s no way it can provide accurate power readings, but if you don’t care about accuracy or racing, and the upgrade doesn’t cost a lot, it might be worthwhile. The bike you have is not a common choice for Zwift, and there’s a reason for that. But if you can’t afford a better setup and you just want to look at a pretty picture while riding indoors, it could be OK for that. The good smart bikes cost around 3X as much as the Rogue Echo (more than buying a bike and an indoor trainer). If you search Reddit you can find some info about the Echo 3.0 with Zwift.

Thank you. Alternatively, if I sell my Rogue Echo I could probably recover $1,000 or thereabouts - so nowhere near enough to purchase a smart bike and setup. Aw shucks.

If you’re talking about US money, a Zwift Hub new, or a used trainer, plus a used road bike (8 speed or better drivetrain) will fit in that budget.