Is there a way to use an iConsole bike with Zwift?

Hi! I’m having issues trying to connect my Fytter RI-08R with an iConsole bluetooth console, and i don’t even know if it’s really supported since i cannot find much information about it.

If my bike is not directly compatible, is there a way to use some external hardware to accomplish it?

Thanks in advance, I would really like to try out this amazing looking app!!

If you mean this Rider RI-08R, it appears not to have a power meter built in, so it would not work with Zwift.

Zwift works with many trainer setups, but at minimum, there must be a power meter source that broadcasts wirelessly via Bluetooth LE or ANT+. Here is a useful page that describes what you need to use Zwift.

For the same reason, it appears that particular Fytter bike would not work with the iConsole app either.


I have the same problem. I have this Fytter RI-M10R bike model. It has a bluetoth console compatible with iConsole and Kinomap. I would like to know if I can use Zwift since I really want to. if it is not possible, maybe I can buy some power accessory and thus be able to use it I’ll be waiting for your answers Thanks a lot

Hi @Edu_Rico welcome to Zwift forums.

This is not a product that Zwift supports. If this broadcasts in an industry-standard Bluetooth or ANT+ protocol, it might, but I am skeptical because nothing in the manufacturer web site indicates it will.

All it says is that it will work with iConsole and Kinomap, so it’s likely that’s the only apps that will work.

Exercise bikes are not like outdoor bikes in that they flywheels, cranks, and drive systems are not industry-standardized. It’s difficult to retrofit speed and cadence sensors to exercise bikes because they’re made for outdoor bikes.

Hi all,

I really would love to see iConsole support in Zwift. I used to Zwift on a Tacx Smart Trainer, but my wife also wants to train indoor, but she prefers an excersise bike over the racebike on a trainer, and we don’t have room for two. So we bought an Cardiostrong BX70i that is featuring an iConsole computer with Bluetooth connection (and it does much less noise than the wheel-trainer).

With the MyHomeFit App for Android I receive RPM, Heartrate, Speed, Distance and Watt from the bike and can upload the training units to Garmin. The app is also controlling the brake, so it should work with Zwift, if Zwift would support the iConsole protocol over Bluetooth.

I think if Kinomap can do it, Zwift can do it as well. On GitHub I found an sample implementation of the iConsole protocol: please see GitHub - haraldh/iconsole: Reverse engineering of the iconsole+ bike computer serial protocol. Broadcasts the power and speed on the ANT network.
So in my humble opinion it should not be a big deal to support this protocol. I would also volunteer for betatesting if you cannot get hands on such a device.

These iConsole computer are beeing built in China and sold as OEM with a lot of brands. Not only for excercise bikes but also for Cross-Trainers. From googling for 5min I found Cardiostrong, Maxxus, Hammer, AsViva, Sportstech, FlowFitness, Luxqueen and so on. So I think this could really be a relevant market for Zwift!


Agree. I think there is an opportunity to develop a conversion app that uses the iConsloe data feed and re-broadcasts it out in standard BLE and ANT+ protocols. If I had the knowhow, I’d tackle it, but a little above my paygrade. I opened up my treadmill’s console and found the tiny iConsole circuit. Only a 4 cable plug from the treadmill through which it receives the speed, incline data and broadcasts it in a proprietary BT format and also must receive some data as it can adjust the treadmill incline from the app (iConsole+, Kinomap, etc…).

Zwift could also try to incorporate iConsol protocol in their app to receive and send directly from and to the equipment. The sending is pretty important to pass through the incline (treadmill) and resistance (bike trainer) data to the equipment.

Conceptually this is logical, but technically it requires some skills.


Is there any progress on this feature? I have a iconsole+ treadmill that works with kinomap but not zwift. Would love this compatibility rolled out for Zwift…

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Are there any news about iconsole support in Zwift?

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I use Zwift with my Virtufit Si2 indoorbike with iConsole and it works really well.

Only don’t know still how and if its possible to use automatic resistance. (It says iConsole is controlable in the pairing screen)

In workouts the resistance do change automatic so I think there must be a way.
Saw something about changing trainer difficulty, what I’m gonna try next time.

This is more about the iConsole devices, which do not inherently support the FTMS protocol and therefore cannot be used with Zwift. It looks like there will be an Android app “soon” which can be used as a converter.

I was able to connect my Hammer Cardio Motion BT (equipped with the iConsole like many others) to Zwift flawlessly using the qdomyos-zwift app. The resistance is also controlled correctly - but I did not test the heart rate, which is actually also supported by the app.

I used an old, discarded Android device for this purpose.

I had to turn on “toorx bike” in the settings. Further, I only entered my gender and weight and left the rest of the settings at their default values. Don’t forget to close the app completely after the settings and start it again so that the settings you just made are applied.

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I am able to connect my Peak Fitness b7.0i (with iConsole) to Zwift directly in the app - without the need for qdomyos-zwift or similar.

One thing that doesn’t work though. I have an old heart rate belt (non-Bluetooth) which is seen in iConsole and Kinomap. But the heart rate is not being read or displayed by Zwift.

Thought I’d add my experience with iconsole on Zwift. I recently purchased a Flow Fitness Turner DHT2000i. I picked this one because it was advertised as being Zwift compatible and it works perfectly. It is controllable by Zwift in ERG mode and controlled manual in normal riding mode.

I’m not a cyclists, I ride an EMTB on trials and cross country and use the exercise bike to suppliment that.

Hi Tony,

What data does the DHT send over to Zwift - does it include cadence etc, and is resistance fed back to the bike.


Hi Tony

The bike sends the power and cadence to Zwift, I couldn’t tell you if they are 100% accurate but I think they’re pretty accurate. Within Zwift I maintained a steady 200 watts on a flat section (for around 5 mins) and my speed was constantly around 21mph which seams in keeping with the information I could find online.I have a separate heart rate monitor that I also connect.

In ERG mode the resistance is controlled automatically by Zwift and in SIM mode the resistance is manual. I haven’t experienced any dropouts or connections issues on my MacBook or android tablet.

I’ve been extremely pleased with the DHT and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it if you are looking for something similiar.

Hope that helps.


cheers Tony, just so I am on the same page - we are talking about this bike?

I had a look at the manual online and couldn’t see where you set the 2 modes you mention - or are you doing that in Zwift?

Hi Tony

That’s the one, great piece of kit.

The modes are set within Zwift. If you choose a normal ride the bike will be in manual mode and you’ll need to change the resistance yourself which is very easy and seamless. If you choose to sign up for a training program which requires erg mode the bike will go into that mode once you start and Zwift will automatically adjusts the resistance based on your cadence to maintain the specified watt output.

Hope that helps.


thanks mate

Hi Mate,

Bike arrived today but I can’t see anywhere to switch between user profiles - is there a secret button sequence to do it?


Hi Tony. Did you get sorted?