Is ZWIFT compatible with BH i.Concept?

Hello all.

I just bought an BH Fitness H8705LW static bike with dual i.Concept BLE hardware, and I would like to ask if it would be compatible with ZWIFT.

In the ad slide of the i.Concept feature, it shows a person with a monitor casting ZWIFT, so I gess it should be compatible at some degree:

It is a static bike for an elder person, so only a minimal interaction is needed.

If it was not compatible, which would be the most basic accesory to make it compatible?

Thanks in advance.


It looks like @Roberto_Viola has encountered this bike recently so it might be possible with the help of the qdomyos-zwift app. Perhaps he can comment on its capabilities and status.


Whilst I hope you get an answer and the answer is yes, that photo is misleading, as it so often marketing departments. The equipment shown is one of their running machines and the Zwift image shows runners, but the twist is that the user isn’t running on the running machine.

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Thank you for the hopes!

Let us see if the app can bridge the i.Concept data to ZWIFT. I see all the BH smart bikes work on the same protocol so let us cross fingers.

Thank you for your kind words.

Damn, marketing is so evil then. Now that I am looking close the picture, it is true the girl is misaligned with the running machine.

I hope the bridge app works with the BH monitor.

Added info: it appears the bike has three different console options.

Refer to this page:

…and the “i.Concept FTMS Monitor”.

That one has Bluetooth FTMS (FiTness Machine Service protocol). You mentioned “dual i.Concept BLE hardware” which is a necessary add-on for that console. Sooo… yes it seems like it should transmit a signal over BLE-FTMS which Zwift should be able to read. To confirm: the bike in question DOES have the top-tier console?

You’ll need a basic device to run Zwift if you don’t have one already - iPad would do. (and you could test on a smartphone or laptop that has Bluetooth)

Do you have access to all of this equipment already?

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Thank you for the help.

The bike I bought has the mid tier console. From basic to top:

H8705L - i.Concept without Dual kit (sold apart as an USB dongle), LCD screen
H8705LW - i.Concept with Dual kit integrated on the monitor (this is the one I got), LCD screen
H8705TFT - same as H8705LW but with a TFT color screen

That may mean it can connect to ZWIFT with just the BT on the smartphone?

I will be getting the bike in a week so I will find out.

Hi Javier, contact me on the github page of qdomyos-zwift and i will make it work (maybe it’s already working with qz?)
Let me know!


Thank you so much.

I will try to get it working out of the box, if not I will try to bridge it with your android app, and if not I will contact you on github.

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I have an eliptical BH NLS12 with i.concept and dual kit. How can I make it work with Zwift?
Thank you.

If you contact @Roberto_Viola via Gifthub he will probably sort this for you.

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yes sure contact me on github!