Bh fitness i concept bluetooth smart

Any news on Zwift compatibility with BH fitness Bluetooth smart I concept?
A great indoor bike but would be even better if combined with zwift.

Hello @all, Zwift or BH will do not anything to realize a training from BH Fitness with Zwift.
Theres a German Software Developer who works on a Solution. He made the same Job for Daum and Kettler and for these Brands are some bikes who can train with Zwift. Take a look here:

There’s also the option of using pedal-mounted power meters if the stationary bike features standard pedal mounts. Speed and cadence sensors won’t work as they usually don’t have a way of properly mounting to a spinbike frame, though.

Yes of course, but the Sparda is not a normal Spinning Bike. This bike has a magnetic brake and other software like kinomap can control the bike for a realistic ride. why not Zwift?

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Completely agree, the BH Fitness Spada would appear ideal to use with Zwift. Was so disappointed to not get it working. Please please please look into getting BH Fitness iConcept and Zwift working together. That would be amazing!

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I would also like the BH Spada II to be supported but the Zwift support team has said:
“While I would love to implement this bike, I’m unable to make that happen, however I’ve passed your feedback on to our developers. While they review our suggestions regularly, the more feedback we get from the community on a particular issue or other matter—the greater the chance it will be implemented in Zwift.”
Kristopher Pierce
Community Support

Please make it happen.

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