Pafers / BH i.conceps integration in ZWIFT

(Reto) #1

Still an open request is the topic you put in the archiv.
Here the link to this discussion:

Winter is coming soon and i will spend more time on my pafers controlled treadmill. I would be very happy if you could do this implementation on ZWIFT.
It will have a positiv effect fo my training motivation. :wink:

(Wolfi Mair) #2

+1 on this. This guy built a simple app for controlling pafers treadmills including structured workouts. All that’s missing is an api link to zwift - maybe you should get in touch.

(Vincent) #3

Thanks for the feat request! I’ll relay it to the dev teams.

(Wolfgang Hink) #4

Zwift Team - we really need this! :slight_smile:

(Night Han) #5

I am looking forward to supporting i.concept on Zwift, and I look forward to supporting the correspondence between slope change and magnetic impedance.

(Russ Heasman) #6

Hi Zwift team, I am another with a BH i.concept bike that would like to ride using Zwift. I do understand there is a development backlog to work through, but also please remember the original archived request above. We have all been waiting patiently for almost 2 years from the original request.
Of course, I also understand the commercial nature of the roadmap etc - so it would help us a lot please if you could tell us the status of the request. When is it due to be considered? If approved when is it expected on the roadmap? Etc.
Understanding the status will help us to make better decisions regarding our hardware and software purchasing.

(ruth) #7

I need the application for bh i.concept !! I’m looking forward to it. Thank you!