PLEASE provide support for Bh Fitness bluetooth I.concept dual kit

(Erik Lööf - OIK) #1

Dual Kit is an accessory for BH fitness machines composed of a Bluetooth module with USB connector. It allows the connected software to take full control of the resistance of the machine making Zwift a perfect companion. The current choice of compatible software is poor making Zwift a convincing front runner in the market.

Pafers / BH i.conceps integration in ZWIFT
(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Erik,

That looks proprietary. BH fitness would have to send us instructions on how to properly set this up most likely. If they can get enough people to contact them about it, perhaps they’ll be receptive :slight_smile:

(Erik Lööf - OIK) #3

Seems too be an open api for Dual Kit,

(etienne nosferatu) #4

Hi everyone! Would greatly appreciate here, the possibility to connect pafers devices to zwift, everything needed looks available on parfers’s API, can help testing a beta anytime :slight_smile: Keep us updated!

(Szymon Brandys) #5

Is the support for Pafers trainers considered? As Erik mentioned there is open API for Dual Kit. I can also offer help with testing. Thanks!

(John JEAN) #6


Do you have any news on pafers implementation @Zwift ?
I can be an early beta (alpha?) tester !

We really need this, indoor training is so boring without zwift :slight_smile:

Thank you

(Erik Lööf - OIK) #7

No respons or news from Zwift, lots of owners of these bikes who would love to Zwift and can help with beta testing. 

(Jaco Anderson RaceWBR) #8

Still waiting for a responds from Zwift. Erik did all the legwork and found that the API was open for developers, surely Zwift can get onboard and develop the connection?

I can also assist with Beta Testing if necessary!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #9

Hi guys,

I appreciate your desire for this feature but it’s a lot more complicated than “please put this feature in” and then we develop it and put it in. We have a roadmap we have to stick to and pulling developers (from a small staff as it is) away from bug fixes and other features people have requested a year+ ago is not the optimal way of doing things :slight_smile:

It’s been put on our request list for future consideration and we will update this *when* we have more information.


(Evelien Surstedt) #10

Kicking this, just to get attention. I’ve got a treadmill with Pafers BT module and would love to see it integrated in Zwift. It would make the volcano climb a lot more fun!

(Diego Fraguas) #11

I would be interested too. I would pay the monthly fee if it worked with my Bh i.Concept

(Mathieu Gelinas) #12

Sad to see 6 months later that BH is still not supported.

(Erik Lööf - OIK) #13

So almost ten months has passed! Whats the status?

(Arnaud Brunelle) #14

Hi. I would also be interested to use Zwift in connection to my Bh i.Concept bike.

What do you need to include the integration of their open API in your roadmap?

(Andreu Capdevila) #15

Hola Tambien estoy interessado en usar Zwift con mi bicicleta BH i.concept. a ver si podeis ayudar, gràcias

(Ruben Melo) #16


I have a BH i.concept bike and i really whant use zwift on that bike… my solution and i will try, to buy some sensors and adapt, a cadence sensor and a speed sensor with the perfect measures for my BH i.concept bike.

someone had try this solution?

thanks for comments

(Steve Cycle) #17

Hi, another Pafers BT treadmill user requesting Zwift integrate this into Zwift Run. Thanks

(Glenn Sweeney) #18

I too have a pafers  bike and would be interested in paying the subscriptions to Zwift if you can get it to work with Zwift.  Otherwise I’ll use ride social.


willing to beta test.


(Manuel Robaina Mederos) #19

Hello, another interested future customer if zwift includes BH i.concept compatibility.



(Rafael Garabato) #20

We, the users of BH, should perhaps have forum. Apps supported for i.concept are so bad, and in my case the best ones don’t work for some reason.