Please create an open API for workout integrations

I am a user of Xert, which I find to be a really helpful training tool. Right now, the process of getting workouts from Xert into Zwift is manual and annoying. It would be great if my planned workouts in Xert could be synced over to Zwift auto-magically. I know that this is possible because this exact functionality exists for TrainingPeaks workouts.

I would also love to see this functionality supported.

Mind you, Xert smart workouts can’t really be properly imported to Zwift as it is, because some of the wattage targets are dynamic and require live computation throughout the workout. It’s not exactly ideal, but I just have the Xert app running on a tablet and the trainer paired to that one as controllable, with Zwift playing just for the scenery.

Yep, I understand that the Xert SMART workouts won’t play with 100% fidelity, but, honestly, it’s generally close enough for my purposes.

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+1 for this, would make getting on the bike to squeeze a workout in that little bit quicker/smoother.

I would also love to see this functionality supported.