Xert running workout to Zwift


If I create a running power based workout in Xert, and then export it to ZWO format, will Zwift let me import it as a power based running workout ?

About half a year ago, Zwift wouldn’t import my Xert ZWO exports. I ended up doing the workouts using either with the Garmin player app or the Android app, with or without desktop mirroring for more data. On the upside, smart workouts don’t become dumb workouts that way. :grin: Didn’t even know running with Xert was a thing.

According to this support page it should be possible:

On second thought, I think my goal was to get Xert ZWO files into Apple TV. Back then, the only way that I was aware of was importing and then scheduling the workout with TrainingPeaks. That didn’t work. My bad.